Hall & Runnels, PA – Gail goes the extra mile

“I have had the pleasure of working with Gail Pelto on numerous real estate transactions.  Gail is extremely personable and really fun to be around.  At the same time, she consistently goes the extra mile for the folks that she is helping, and really takes pride in doing whatever she can to ensure a smooth closing process and a happy client.  Just yesterday we worked together to close a first time home buyer, and the closing ended with Gail and this sweet buyer crying tears of joy.  It was amazing to witness her sincere love of the work that she does and the people that she serves.  Simply put Gail loves what she does, enjoys helping others in general, and she is really great at both.”

— Davage J. "Trey" Runnels, III, Hall & Runnels, P.A.