Being a Real Estate Agent can get crazy at times! Find an agent that can handle any buying or selling obstacle and turn it into a happy ending.

Gail’s Kentucky to Florida Story describes her passion and perseverance in getting the job done for her clients – by any means! One week Gail’s buying and selling adventure started completely normal, as one of her listings in Hammock Bay caught a Kentucky family’s eye. The buyers went with Gail to view the property…it was perfect for them and they made an offer the next day which was accepted by her seller. The seller of this beautiful Hammock Bay home was also in the process of buying her new home in Memphis, TN. which was to close on the Thursday following the Tuesday morning closing of her Florida home as she was transferring proceeds from the sale towards the cost of her new house in Memphis.   The buyers closed on the sale of their Kentucky house on Monday, got in the moving truck with their two dogs as well as towing a pick up truck, and headed down to Florida. It was all expected to be an easy closing, one of which Gail has done smoothly time after time. As the buyers drove through Birmingham, AL ,  the wife suddenly felt extremely ill… enough for her husband to instantly exit the highway and pull into the fire station, still driving the moving truck, towing their pick-up and with the family dogs!  After she was transferred by ambulance to Birmingham’s Baptist Hospital, the husband called Gail …it was 4:00 pm, telling her the story and having to delay closing scheduled the next morning. Gail kicked into action, figuring out everything she could for this family and also for her client that was selling the home. The next morning the buyer couldn’t even park at the hospital because of everything in tow (especially the dogs), and decided to drive down and meet Gail and get their new house closed.  Thinking ahead, Gail knew the wife was on the mortgage and title, so they needed a power of attorney in order to complete the process. She grabbed her phone and called the hospital the wife was staying at, knowing she would need to find a notary for the power of attorney. After going through many numbers and transfers to the hospital, she then had to get in touch with the title company to start faxing the paper work to the hospital. Meanwhile, the husband was on his way to Florida. Gail and the title agent met him at the bank 45 minutes before the bank closed! Accompanied by the owners’ dogs and the title agent’s dog, they all went inside with every document and dog biscuit needed to get the closing completed. When Gail heard the owner hadn’t eaten anything since 10 a.m. the day prior, she sent him to his new home, providing the keys and the code to the lock box,  and headed to the grocery to get him some food …. he celebrated the arrival to their new home with chicken fingers, macaroni salad, and a six pack of beer! Gail introduced him to his new neighbor, who also kindly agreed to pet sit while he went back to Birmingham to pick up his wife! The next day, his wife was discharged. She had fluid build up that affected her heart. The doctors said another hour delay to the hospital and she probably wouldn’t have made it. Gail and this family made it through this nerve wracking week, coming out with an adventurous story … and learning experience! Gail proudly said all worked out for the buyers and the sellers, even with a few obstacles! We’re happy to report that his wife is doing fine and is loving their new Florida home!

Gail wants you to know – most hospital’s have a notary on site if you ever need a power of attorney in an emergency situation!

During the Kentucky to Florida story, commitment and persistence was needed, and Gail took action!