You file a claim, you believe you know the amount that is due to you, but your insurance company disagrees and thinks they owe you a fraction of that amount…. and your insurance agent is stuck in the middle; so what can you do?? Florida has licensed individuals to assist policy holders receive fair insurance claim settlements; those advocates are called Public Adjusters. Public Adjusters work for you, not the insurance companies and on average settle claims 747% above the original offer those carriers make. With years of restoration and inside insurance knowledge, Insurance Claims 911 is proud to be a part of the Emerald Coast, helping property and business owners get what they deserve. If you think you may have damage or have suffered loss to your property or business – you may be entitled to receive compensation from your insurance company without any out of pocket expenses. If we can’t help you recover – you don’t pay a dime!  For more info, call Insurance 911 at 850-684-4794 or  Lic# W212815