I don’t know about you, but I have the hardest time adjusting my life the 2 times per year that we change our clocks…so I was wondering, why do we do it?!?!? So I searched for some answers….It’s history goes way back to 1916 and had a lot to do with saving fuel during the war. The DOT, evaluating the plan of extending DST into March, reported in 1975 that “modest overall benefits might be realized by a shift from the historic six-month DST in areas of energy conservation, overall traffic safety and reduced violent crime.” However, DOT also reported that these benefits were minimal and difficult to distinguish from seasonal variations and fluctuations in energy prices. FLORIDA: Daylight time is less useful in Florida than in many other states because its southern location leads to less variation in day length between winter and summer. Without DST, Miami, for instance, would experience similar sunrise and sunset times throughout the year to cities such as Honolulu or Hong Kong, both of which have abandoned DST for decades. There is opposition to DST in Florida. State senator Bill Posey introduced a bill in March 2008 to abolish daylight time in the state and keep Florida on year-round standard time. Because Florida straddles two time zones, the Florida legislature has the option of returning all or part of the state to standard time along time zone boundaries (i.e. placing the portion of the state in the Eastern time zone on standard time, while leaving the portion in the Central time zone on DST, so that the whole state had a common time).